Friday, April 18, 2014

Great Coupons for Groceries at Publix April 19

There is a great Target coupon for groceries $10.00 off $50.00 printable or more that many people can use at their Publix, if their Publix accepts Target coupons.

Here are some of our deals for the week with some coupon matchups:  Spent 59.48 at Publix and saved 28.57 - 17.00 in coupons and 11.57 with specials.


Bananas  .69                     1.75
Organic apples  3lb          6.99
Red potatoes                    2.99
Baby portabella mushrooms  1.79
Salad bell peppers (bag)      2.99
Sweet onion  1.45

Land o Lakes half gallon half and half   2.85
-1.00 Publix coupon in store flyer

Udi's GF Wheat bread    4.99
-$1 off Udi's Gluten Free product printable
-$1 off Udi's gluten free product (Publix coupon), Basket of Savings booklet or (exp 04/19) printable

Applegate Turkey    4.69
-1.00 printable

Applegate Provolone  4.39
-1.00 printable

Publix  milk  4.19

Sorrento Galbani cheese  3.50
-$1 off Sorrento Galbani cheese printable
-$1 off Sorrento Galbani cheese, SS 2/09

Philadelphia cream cheese  1.50

Publix sweet cream butter  2.00

Publix crescent roll  2.00

Publix eggs  2.29
Domino sugar 4 lb  1.99

BOGO   Del Monte Corn 1.49

Purevia 80 ct non gmo  3.99

Crunchmaster crackers  3.69
-$1 off Crunchmaster crackers printable
-$1 off Crunchmaster crackers box printable
-$1 off Crunchmaster snacks, bag or box, SS 4/06

Mission Tortillas  3.99

Bob's Red Mill Pizza crust  4.29
-$1 off Bob's Red Mill product printable
-$2 off Bob's Red Mill quinoa printable

Roasted Peanuts   2.00

I still have beans for a bean soup, black beans and corn for a wonderful salad, fish, pork, chicken and Easter dinner, so this has been a good shopping week.

  I stopped at Carroll's Meat Shoppe and got some local cucumbers, some asparagus and a lemon.  Hope you have a blessed week!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Garden, new growth

Lots of new growth in the garden.  The muscadines have their leaves, green beans are growing up the trellis, peaches are starting, fava bean beans are flowering, and strawberries are ready every morning.
Today, I put in a new bed for tomatoes, marigolds and basil. 

Can't stop planting, watching plants grow from seed and mature is so amazing every time.  Can't wait to start a few more beds for eggplant, okra and tomatillos.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Publix Matchups From a Decent Shopping Trip

I had a pretty good savings at Publix today so I thought I would share some of the match ups with you, in case you haven't done your shopping yet for the week.  I did have a 5.00 off 50.00 or more coupon from Winn Dixie that added to some of our savings.  All told I spent 73.73 and saved 46.80  - not too bad.


Breyers Gelato Indulgences, 28.5 oz, at $5.49 ($2.74)
Manufacturer Coupon-$1 off Breyers Gelato Indulgences PRINTABLE
Manufacturer Coupon-$1 off Breyers Gelato Indulgences, Publix ECOUPON
Manufacturer Coupon-$1.50 off Breyers Gelato Indulgences (Facebook) PRINTABLE

White House Apple Sauce, 6 pk. 4 oz, at $2.49 ($1.24)

Bob Evans Side Dishes, 12-24 oz, at $3.79 ($1.89)
Manufacturer Coupon-.35/1 Bob Evans refrigerated side dish, (zip 36201) PRINTABLE
Manufacturer Coupon-B3G1 Bob Evans side dishes, max $4 PRINTABLE
Manufacturer Coupon-$1.35/2 Bob Evans refrigerated side dishes, (zip 30003) PRINTABLE

-B1G1 Bob Evans frozen, max $4 printable
Green Giant Vegetables, 14.5-15.25 oz, at $1.39 (69¢)


Publix White Mushrooms, 8 oz, $1.50

Asparagus, $2.49 lb

Apples 3.96

Bananas  1.29

Sweet onion  1.93

Lemon  .67


Publix oat and honey bars 12 ct   2.79

Peanuts whole roasted  2.69

Santitas  tortilla chips  2.00

Planters peanuts  2.50
-$1/2 Planters peanuts, 16 oz, Target (exp 03/30) printable

-$1/2 Planters nuts or peanut butter, 6 oz +, excl almonds, SS 1/26 (exp 03/31)
Buy 2 and use both coupons - makes 2 peanuts 3.00

Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar  1.99
-.50/1 Pompeian Vinegar printable

Truvia  3.49
-$1 off Truvia Natural sweetener or Baking Blend with sugar printable
Kauai ground coffee 5.99
-2.00 from dispenser next to coffee
-$1 off Kauai Coffee single serve cup, SS 3/16
-$2 off Kauai Coffee bag, SS 3/16

Crunchmaster crackers
-$1 off Crunchmaster crackers printable
-$1 off Crunchmaster crackers box printable


Popsicle variety  3.00
-.50/1 Popsicle product, 9 ct.+ (Facebook) printable

Publix waffles  2.29

Applegate Provolone  4.29
-$1 off Applegate product printable
-$1 off Applegate product printable
-$1 off Applegate product printable

Cabot cheese block  3.00

Udi's gluten free bread
-$1 off Udi's Gluten Free product printable
-$1 off Udi's gluten free product (Publix coupon), Basket of Savings booklet orprintable

Publix yogurt (6)          .50

Publix cottage cheese   2.99

Publix center cut bacon 4.00

Applegate Turkey
-$1 off Applegate product printable
-$1 off Applegate product printable
-$1 off Applegate product printable

I also went to Carroll's Meat Market on St. Augustine and got a cooked chicken for 3.99 and some broccoli for 1.99 - yummy dinner.  Have a blessed week.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Break Fun

Victoria and I have not done a lot for Spring Break but relax and enjoy ourselves and get some things done that needed to be done.  Yesterday was an amazing day!  We went canoeing down Goodby's Creek with David when he got home and saw some beautiful sights.
Goodby's Creek

An egret flying off of the post

This sign says, "compact cars only"????

Turtle sunning himself

A friendly baby alligator, don't know where mom was...

We painted the inside of Victoria's playhouse and she painted her table

Painting the wood table

The playhouse from far away

A great little room - love the color she chose!

Pole beans starting to sprout

Kale, kohlrabi, onions and oregano

corn sprouting and the fig tree getting some leaves

We also made some lotion and some soap with the loofahs

I was hoping to have a teacher planning day, but that did not occur.  Just some crafts, work and relaxing.  Have a blessed week!

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring Garden - 2014

We had our work cut out for us today and it sure feels good to get some more plants in the ground.  Here is our existing ornamental/edible garden bed after new bamboo trellises were added and a lot of seed was planted.

Here you can see some new trellises (3) today and a new bed of plantings next to the walkway.

For the trellises I planted pole beans/summer savory, scarlet runner beans/summer savory, cucumbers, and a mixture of the pole beans/scarlet runner beans and summer savory.  We love fresh green beans!  For the bed next to the walkway I planted corn - painted hill corn, sweet corn and strawberry popcorn, pumpkins, melons, squash and sunflowers.  In some side beds I planted cilantro and bush beans.  Once everything starts growing I'll see what to add.  Also, I scattered sunflower seeds everywhere!  
Before we planted this morning - We planted near that orange tree in the distance.

Our new plantings - (2) peach trees to espalier, Japanese magnolia and pineapple guava

Here is a before picture of the beds without the trellises.   From here you can see the Swiss chard/onion, peas, broccoli and broccoli and onion bed.

An after pictuure of the beds with the trellises.  I think we are going to enjoy watching the established plants come to life and bloom this year.  I also planted some beautiful bulbs that are starting to come up.

We have potatoes, fava beans, lettuce and broccoli growing in our raised beds.  Now, I need to make some beds for hot peppers, eggplant and okra.  I did plant 5 roma tomatoes yesterday and 5 Abe Lincoln tomatoes, once they get established I will tuck basil and bell peppers under them for a good season of growth.  Sure hope we get a great harvest this year, I love seeing what grows and where.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Leaning in to God

  In this life, my trust, hope, strength and peace should come from God.  There have been many times in the past when I believed my life was and could be decided only by me.  I have found that yes, I make decisions, but God had always been there, first and foremost to protect, help and heal.
  Recently, leaning in to God had not been my top priority, but I want it to be. 
  Intentional prayer, love, faith that all will work out are the thoughts that I will hold dear.
  In the midst of chaos, broken water heater, water every where (only for a few minutes), timing valve replacement, eye appt, Dr appt, school, church, and all responsibilities, I pray that God will guide my day, my tongue, my smile and my heart. 
  Be blessed, all of you, may His comfort give you peace.
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