Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fort Clinch Family Fun

We had a great weekend camping at Fort Clinch State Park.  What a great park!  Our campsite was located on the riverside under large, beautiful oak trees just a minutes walk from the St. Mary's River.  A short bike ride took us to the fort and another mile away is the beach.  

Sunset over the St. Mary's River
An oak tree canopy 
Hanging on the beach
We had a wonderful nature hike with Carl, the volunteer who took us on the Willow Pond Trail hike
Love having the bikes
This is a shark feeding in the river
Here is another picture of the shark feeding right off the dock
We saw quite a few baby alligators - there is one on the log in the center of this picture
Victoria making her s'more stick
A great and very long fishing pier
Love the campfire
Lots of tracks, people tracks, raccoon tracks and some other tracks??
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Whole Foods $10 off $50 Coupon for September

Click for printable coupon

There is a new Whole Foods $10 off $50 coupon that will expire  September, 30, 2014.  Click here to print the coupon.  Do not just print the picture from this page - go to the link to print.  Remember you can use this at Publix at certain stores in Jacksonville.
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September Garden

Front walkway, eggplant, peanuts, muscadines and lots of dollar weed
I love the sweet potato growing around the crepe myrtle and the salvia.  The banana tree and lemon grass are in the background
The yellow is thryallis, sweet potato, lemon grass and guara
The bees love these flowers
Watermelon growing around our mexican petunia
A baby watermelon
This was from last week but he split and I had to throw this watermelon away.
Love the sage, firecracker, crepe myrtle, mexican petunia and watermelon
A small lemon tree, peanuts, banana tree, blue spires, oregano and some very sad strawberries
Okinawa spinach, peanuts, tarragon and a fig tree
This view is the dollar weed, a rose bed with ornamental sweet potatoes, and real sweet potatoes and pineapple in the back ground are some ornamental grasses and more sweet potato.  Our blueberry bushes are very small and the apples are ok - not great.
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

St. Augustine Sunrise Canoe and Kayak

What a wonderful Labor Day!

We passed Fort Matanzas just in time to see re-enactors fire the cannon.  Can't wait to plan another day like this!  Good friends, beautiful scenery and great food.  I feel very blessed this week.
We started the day with a sunrise canoe/kayak trip on the Matanzas River.  A little blurry from my phone camera.
Great photo!
Enjoying the morning with friends and family
 went fishing,
 swimming, picnicing, and wandering the beach until the tide came upa nd covered this dune
Coffees, visiting and some fishing at the beach
More fishing by Fort Matanzas
Lovely marina
 We wandered St.Augustine.  Here is Victoria with the perfect sign for her, "City Cat Country Cat"
Love these beautiful ladies!  Yes, Victoria is meditating
Peaceful, serene and beautiful

It always amazes me how long it takes for me to enjoy the beauty of life surrounding us, our many blessings, my head is always busy with to-do lists, chores, things I want to do and I love any opportunity to clear my mind and just be content inn the moment.  May you find contentment in your days and beauty in all of your surroundings.  
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Simple Summer Crafts

This summer has been very nice and relaxing.  We only did a few crafts and I thought I would share some with you:

I painted these two pics for Victorias room, i think we are going to try to do a simple redo and add some of her favorite colors: namely blue, to her room.
I made the pillows with some material we had and a Tommy Hillfiger skirt. Love them on the couch.

Victoria made strawberry jam and I made blueberry jam, pickles (they were okay) and some household cleaner.
Lastly, this is our updated schoolroom, ready for class on Monday! 
Another picture of a messier side of our schoolroom
Hope your summer has been a blessing and that you and your family have a wonderful year!
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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Seriously Sizzling Summer

 What a wonderful summer.  We have been so busy doing that I have not been posting. 

 Here are some highlights from our 2014 summer:  The Alligator Farm,  kid cuisine camp, FPEA convention in Orlando, Juliette's wedding (a wonderful sewing camp), swimming with friends, blueberry festival, canoeing, a new kitten, beach fun at jax beach and St Augustine beach, watermelons, family dinners, serving at UCOM, and lots of cat sitting, gerbil sitting and betta fish sitting! 

Really, just a whole lot of fun.  We hope you're having a wonderful and blessed summer and are able to stay cool in this heat!
St. Augustine Alligator Farm
Movie Night at the FPEA Convention
A really fun visit with Doe, Jason, Lisa Lyn and Ocean!
Gerbil sitting
Kid Cuisine Camp ( I love how Victoria happened to be in the picture behind her and my mom)
Blueberry Festival with Linda
Watermelons in the garden - 11 so far
Juliette sewing camp - Victoria made the dress and veil that the fox is wearing for her wedding
A new hair do
An even newer kitten ---Trinity Storm (she looks like the kitten on Victoria's shirt...fate, I think not)
Lots of swimming with friends
More swimming with friends
Of course, we couldn't resist the 3.99 for a dozen donuts at Dunkin!   That chocolate filled one in the middle is so gone!
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