Friday, March 18, 2011

Beautiful Children's Fingerprint Crafts - Flower Pot and Star Tray

These are some crafts that we have made for our Youth Silent Auction at church this year.

The pot is one of my favorites and all of these have been made with children's fingerprints.

Needed for the pot:
bottom for pot
acrylic paints

1. Paint the pot light blue.

2. Put the children's hands in the green paint (put the paint on a paper plate) and have them put their handprints around the bottom for grass.

3. Paint the bottom for the pot a bright green.

4. Use children's fingerprints for insects:
red - ladybugs
yellow - bee
pink/green/any - butterflies
orange - caterpillar
black - spider

5. When the paint dries fill in with sharpie to look like the insects/flowers, etc.

This pot is from this year and the pre-k and nursery children made this. Their fingerprints are so tiny!

To make the star tray:

1. Purchase a wood tray from Hobby Lobby or other craft store.

2. Paint the tray a midnight blue for the sky.

3. Use gold or yellow glitter paint and have the children put the prints on the tray. Leave room at the bottom for a bible verse or a saying.
4. Using a toothpick make the triangle around the outside of the fingerprints to look like stars.

5. Use a Sharpie to write a verse.

Note - Sharpies dry out very quickly on acrylic paint to have quite a few on hand.

These are great for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays and more.

Thank you so much Bethany for helping me make these every year and coming up with such original and wonderful ideas!
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