Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cozy Tea - A Wonderful Riverside Restaurant

This is hands down the most charming and lovely restaurant that I have been to in years.  Nothing hurried, just some enjoyable times with family and friends.

Our teas for today: Angel's dream and peppermint

Today marks our third visit to Cozy Tea.  This restaurant has been our favorite find in years.  I got a tea ball at Christmas from my friend Judy and had heard of a tea shop in Riverside where I could get some loose leaf tea.

The tea menu

Wow!  Kate, Victoria and I found this cozy restaurant and while looking at the teas and asking questions we were asked if we would like to have a seat and try the menu.  Well, how can you say no to tea?  

What a wonderful surprise.  Every table is preset with mismatched, beautiful tea cups and saucers.  

We each ordered a pot of tea and tried a truffle from their truffle menu.  

My tea was Enertea - a mixture of teas, Victoria ordered a delicious peppermint tea.  Victoria had a scone (vanilla sugar) and Kate and I had truffles (Black magic  - dark chocolate with dark chocolate and Espresso - dark chocolate with a dark chocolate center rolled in pieces of espresso beans - YUM).

Today, we had a light lunch with my mom.  

We, mom and I, split the angel's dream tea, a black tea with blueberry and something sweet,  and Kate and Victoria split a peppermint tea.  The pot of tea is a very reasonable 3.50 and 1.50 split charge.  The peppermint tea was so good I bought a bag of it and love it!

Cup of Spiced corn and butternut squash soup - looks almost too pretty to eat

WE each ordered a cup of soup and everyone thoroughly enjoyed theirs.  Victoria and I had a spiced corn butternut squash soup (2.50 a cup), mom had a vegetable soup with ginger and Kate had a tomato herb.  They were all wonderful.  The spiced corn and butternut squash soup comes has a little kick to it (hence, spiced) very tasty.  Moms vegetable soup was filled to the brim with vegetables and the ginger gave it a great flavor.  Kate's tomato herb was amazing, the tomato and herb (basil it what I think it was) were fresh and tasty.

tea, spiced corn and butternut squash soup and a scone

Of course, we had to have scones: vanilla sugar, pineapple lemon and apricot cream.  Delicious and served with lovely jam and whipped cream.  The scones are not the big, hard scones you may think of but delicate, light and airy.  We loved them.

Pineapple lemon scone with jam and cream

After our lunch, we each ordered a truffle:  peanut butter, maple and black magic.  They were great but sent us a bit over the top, we were too full at this point.  If you are looking for a fun place to go with friends, great food, charming decor, this is definitely the place for you.

Truffles - Black magic, maple and peanut butter

They sell all of the teas that they serve

So lovely

The truffle case - almost too pretty to eat
They have a larger menu that I can't wait to try one day.

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