Monday, March 26, 2012

Riverside's Pele's Wood Fire Grill Restaurant

My friends, Linda, Judi, Amanda and I met up at Pele's Wood Fire Grill in Riverside last week to try out their dinner.  I really wished that their menu was posted online along with prices, it lets the diner prepare for the meal and not be "sticker shocked".  

I had read mixed reviews but their limoncello wings (not pictured) got rave reviews so Linda ordered some off their appetizer menu and they were amazing!  They came with a wonderful coating and a great lemon dipping sauce.  My favorite part of the meal by far.

Bread and oils
Our bread and dipping oil came next.  As you can see the bread looks thick and delicious, however our dipping oil was bitter and had no flavor.  There may be herbs in there but you can't taste them.  We added salt and then just ordered butter.

Rib eye dinner
This was Linda's rib eye.  Her meal looked and tasted amazing, I think it was about $15.00 for the steak, potatoes, and greens.  The bowls contain horseradish and au jus.

Mushroom Formaggi
They are known for their wood fire grilled pizzas.  The ovens go to over 1400 degrees.  I don't know this because our waiter told us, but because I read it on another blog.  The blog stated that they are certified to make Neapolitan pizzas - this requires a special flour, special tomatoes and cheese and a wood fire grill that goes to 1400 degrees.

Our waiter informed us that a Neapolitan pizza was called that because they were originally made in Naples and they were made that way for hundreds of years.  (Personally, I like the other information much better)

The pizza was the mushroom formaggi pizza - Mushrooms, fontina cheese and it was a white pizza -unfortunately, once again there wasn't much flavor. The pizzas ran from $15 - $20 and there were quite a few to choose from. Our pizza was bland (no garlic or spices - it looked amazing).  I asked for parmesan cheese and that kicked it up a notch.

We also ordered their Gargantuan meatball and it was pretty good - huge, cheesy and flavorful.

I don't think I would go back.  The manager came to our table a few times and he was very helpful but our server continually disappeared, was hard to find when we needed something and did not give us coffee refills until we chased him down.  

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