Monday, July 16, 2012

Three F(x) Ice Cream and Waffles - Great Ice Cream!

We have gone twice now to this wonderful little ice cream shop.  The restaurant is very unique and I think they make the ice cream this way in areas of Asia.  

Delicious strawberry ice cream with oreo cookie topping - Amazing!

You get to make choices:

1) You pick your flavor - They have about 20 great flavors (we had strawberry, chocolate, raspberry and coffee)

2) You pick your dairy (Whole Milk, Soy Milk or Non-Fat Milk

3) You pick your toppings - 2 toppings or 1 fresh fruit topping

They make the ice cream right in front of you on a frozen round metal area.   

The metal is so cold the liquid hardens into ice cream right in front of you

Here are some of the choices for toppings
I would be remiss in not adding that the ice creams start at $4.55 for a regular/small.  This is not cheap but the 4 of us thought it was worth it, David got a coffee ice cream and they made a shot of espresso and made the ice cream with the shot - AWESOME!

This is some of the best tasting, healthy ice creams we have had in ages.  This has been a hot summer and this place is a great way to beat the heat, get in some fruit, and support a local business!

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